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Christmas Delight One Step at a Time

When you travel downtown for work every day, you quickly notice when something has changed in the area. Over the past few weeks, we have noticed more and more downtown business owners getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating their store fronts for the season. This spurred conversation between us, so, naturally, we had to get out and take a look for ourselves.

Our stroll began on Main Street where we first came across the vintage-themed window display at Pastimes Antiques. The window was filled with a variety of gold and silver vintage items that were each very unique and fun to take a look at - we couldn't help but wonder what the story was behind each of the pieces! After spending quite some time here, we continued on one step at a time until we were stopped in our tracks by the display at Back Porch Antiques. A giant sized Santa Claus stood tall and proud in the window with his very own collection of kids who made both the naughty and nice lists. We pondered whether we should be worried that our names weren't on either, but then decided that Santa just wasn't finished with the nice list yet :).

The final stop along Main Street for us was at the ever-famous Hutson's Fine Furniture that puts up a spectacular display every year. This year's grand theme is Steam Punk, but they had several other windows decorated for the season as well. In fact, I (Nicholle) fell in love with the large Santa legs and the "Live Life Have Fun" slogan just a few spaces down!

As we were turning the corner onto Independence to make our way to Spanish Street, we noticed something that neither one of us had ever seen before -- an upside down Christmas tree in the window of Drop Dead about seeing things from a different angle! A few minutes passed as we tried to figure out how they did this, but we finally just accepted that it was cool and left it at that.

The first decor that we came across on Spanish Street was at Bella Italia, which was beautifully done up in garland, lights and bows that matched their Italian theme. We were tempted to take a break and grab some of their decadent bread, but we carried on.

Eventually, we made our way up the hill on Broadway and stopped at Katy O'Ferrells Publick House to admire not only their recent updates to the outside but also their Christmas lights and giant wreath. Being located on the corner of Broadway and Lorimer makes the restaurant stand out when driving or walking around downtown. We continued up Broadway and noticed several more "stand out" stores decorated for the season including Shivelbine's Music Store, Shoppe La La and City Church who, by the way, won my (Kaleisha) vote for the best decorated window with the large Christmas tree accompanied by Mary and the "Faith Hope Love" signs on the wall.

While perusing Broadway, we couldn't help but notice the beautiful addition of Christmas lights on all the trees lining the street, courtesy of our friends at Broadway Prescription Shop. Each block alternates red and green, and helps pull the entire Christmas decoration package together with a big shiny bow!

We consider ourselves lucky to live in a community where so many people get excited about the holiday and show it through their effort for others' viewing pleasure. We hope you take some time to enjoy downtown Cape because it is full of Christmas delight one step at a time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This post is co-written by guest bloggers, Nicholle Hinkle, Directorof Donor Relations at United Way of Southeast Missouri, and Kaleisha Walker, Receptionist at Red Letter Communications.

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