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The Riverboat Experience in Cape Girardeau

Standing just inches from the deep and mighty Mississippi River, feeling the cool breeze coming off of the water and the bright and brilliant sun bearing down on my shoulders, I sit and I watch. I sit and I wait.

There is something magical about watching the riverboats come in Downtown. Having spent a number of years living in South Mississippi, I find myself thrust back into the feeling of being surrounded by Southern Charm just by looking at these beautiful boats.

To give you an example of the majesty of one of the vessels, The American Queen, given the distinction of being the largest, most opulent riverboat in the world, simply takes my breath away. The large smokestacks can be seen from over the river wall up the hill on Broadway and seem to be beckoning you to come sit a spell and just take it all in. One of the best parts of watching the boats come in is getting to talk to the passengers as they come off. They are travelers, history buffs, and instant friends.

If you want to enjoy the Victorian opulence that these boats have to offer you won’t regret it. There are a few things that can instantly take you back in time and for me to a time I didn’t even get to experience. The Dixie Land Band often welcomes the passengers into Downtown Cape and that, in my opinion is just the cherry on top!

A full schedule of the boat dockings can be found on the Visit Cape website at

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