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A Very Berry Market Season

The Cape Riverfront Market just keeps getting better! If you haven't visited in a while, let me fill you in. It’s berry season—and it’s going very well. Last week I chatted with two Cape Riverfront Market berry venders, Millersville Blues and Ridge Road Vineyard, and boy has business been good for them! These two stalls at the market have been doing well, selling out almost every week they've been set up so far. I knew there had to be something special about these vendors and the delicious bites of nature they sell, so I decided to get the answers that everyone has been craving.


Millersville Blues 

Located close to Cape Girardeau at a farm in Millersville, Illinois, Millersville Blues started out as a single dwindling blueberry patch, which went on to be resurrected by Christy Wilferth. Christy will tell you how “blessed” the blueberries are, but how the blueberries got their start speaks to that truth. The previous owners of the single blueberry patch passed, and as the small acre that Christy ate from as a child began to wither away before her eyes, Christy’s growing curiosity and love for the memories she made at the patch finally became enough to take over the 800 bushes. Christy has now nursed the patch back to be even more bountiful than it's ever been before! The Cape Riverfront Market is the only local farmers market where you’ll find Millersville Blues vending, and not for long! Saturday, June 30, will be the last week at the market for Millersville Blues, so be sure to catch them while you can!

Ridge Road Vineyard 

Ridge Road Vineyard, owned and operated by Darrell Thurston, will give you the blackberry treat that you're looking for—along with your berries being bagged up and handed over with charm and a smile. Darrell has been picking berries and grapes for years, and his simple booth is sure to hit your sweet tooth. You can find Darrell, and as he would say his “just delicious” berries, at the Cape Riverfront Market for the remainder of the season. When you stop by Darrell’s stand this weekend, be sure to pick his brain about his gorgeous Ridge Road Vineyard out in Pulaski Illinois!

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