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Thyme to Try Natural Way Soaps & Herbal Products

So, store bought bus spray has officially failed you. Now you sit around scratching and counting how many bug bites you’ve collected over these exhaustingly hot summer days in defeat. And what about the awful sunburn that just flakes away your skin patch-by-patch? Don’t worry, department store products may have failed you, but here at the Cape Riverfront Market, one vendor is still determined to cure your summer woes.

Every week for the rest of this incredibly hot summer, The Natural Way Soaps and Herbal Products will be stationed at the Cape Riverfront Market for all of your skincare, bite prevention, and even your aroma needs. Managed and owned by our charming vendor, Charlotte Eftink, The Natural Way is your one-stop shop for everyday household items, natural skin care remedies, and special scented treats.

What exactly does she sell you may ask? What doesn’t she have should be the real question. From fluoride free toothpaste, all natural deodorant, and a variety of specialty skincare items, to pot scrubbers and hand-crocheted catnip toys, the list seems to be boundless. You can even indulge and cool off that itchy sunburn with Charlotte’s lemongrass-mint aloe vera body soap, a popular purchase at the market every Saturday!

If you want to fill your home with nature and health-friendly home essentials, then consider collecting some of The Natural Way’s products. From the inception of her business, Charlotte had a passion for doing things right. She shared that her intent from the beginning was to “make things that were free of any artificial dyes or fragrances, and that were plant-based.” My heart couldn’t help but warm when she proudly chipped in that this is exactly what she has succeeded in doing for the past 15 years.

Stop by the Natural Way Soaps and Herbal Products stand this Saturday at the Cape Riverfront Market, and let yourself be pleasantly surprised at just how far shopping naturally and locally can go! 

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