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Sarah LaVenture - Special projects Coordinator

Hello! My name is Sarah LaVenture and I am Old Town Cape’s Special Project Coordinator. And yes, anything that is not marketing, web based, or an event is a “special project.” I am the newest member of the OTC team, but my passion for everything downtown is not, so it was an easy fit for me.

So a little of my background…after eight years of working in the corrections field I finally had that “aha” moment and I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. A year later, just two days before Christmas, my family and I loaded up the U-Haul, left our home in Northwest Wisconsin, and headed for Southeast Missouri…destination Cape Girardeau, where I had been accepted in the Public History graduate program at Southeast Missouri State.

Fast forward five years and well, we are still here. This has become home. My husband Dan works at Buzzi here in town. While I consider his work to be grueling and dirty, on most days he enjoys it and he does work with a really great group of guys. We have three daughters, Lillian, Evelynn, and Shelby, 13, 12, and 9. Need I say more? We are busy with music, sports, clubs, and riding. All of the running and support they need doesn’t leave much time for my hobbies, but I still manage to make time for myself.

Who am I and not what do I do you ask? As I age and mature I have become so much more comfortable in my own skin and that has allowed me to be true to myself and beholden to no one. I am a self-described introverted minimalist. I hold on to very little, but what I do hold on to is invaluable to me. This is true of people and things in my life. I seek out new experiences through travel and that travel could be to a new local destination or across the world. I love to read any genre except science fiction and I am never, ever far from my next cup of coffee.  Next to seeking out new experiences, and intertwined with that really, is my love and passion for history…anything history. Truly, ask my husband and kids, anything we do, can and will be turned into a history exploration lesson. Thank goodness they love me unconditionally!

Why downtown CG? Why not I ask you? If you want to find me I am most likely sitting down by the river with a cup of coffee (obviously.) If it is a nice day the girls will be with me and they will have ice cream with them. Or I may be in one of our antique shops looking for the one treasure I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. If I am not there I may be sitting under the Beech tree on the River Campus or shopping for a new outfit in one of our boutiques.

I have found a home in CG and I cannot be more excited and thankful for the opportunity to continue to see the growth and be here so my girls can grow up and appreciate a downtown as unique and vibrant as it is and will continue to be.   

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