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Downtown Partnerships Feeding Our Community!
Downtown Partnerships Feeding Our Community!

Dirty fries, burritos, chips, and salsa. These food items are reason enough for anybody to visit Burrito-Ville. Now, if for some crazy reason you’re still not sold, then you should know that this local restaurant does more for the Cape Girardeau community than simply provide tasty food and a fun hangout spot. On March 31st, Burrito-Ville is partnering with the Christ Episcopal Church, a.k.a. the Red Door Church, to provide an extra yummy community meal.

For a few months out of the year, the Red Door Church offers a volunteer-driven, homemade community meal the last Sunday of the month for those in need of a hot meal. The other months Red Door looks to local restaurants for sponsorship. As luck would have it, the March meal is being presented by Burrito-Ville. Most of the time, restaurants provide the food while SEMO organizations make up the serving staff. However, Burrito-Ville is providing their own food and staff to serve at the event (as volunteers!). Front of House Manager, Ethan Miller, even commented that with the restaurant closed on Sundays, they had plenty of time to help. He is ready to give up his free day to help those in need in our community, along with around 10 fellow Burrito-Ville staff members! General Manager, Paige Garner, then explained all of the work that Burrito-Ville is putting into the event. They are using the restaurant chips and queso, making chili from their own recipes, and Miller is making an éclair cake for dessert. The staff will be making enough food to feed around 100 people, and any leftovers will be sent home with meal-goers in need of the extra food.  All in all, Garner explained that Burrito-Ville’s goal is to put food on the table for anyone in need of a hot meal. The Burrito-Ville staff already has a reputation for being friendly and accommodating, and clearly this behavior isn’t just a façade put on for work. The staff and managers genuinely want to give back to the #DowntownCG community by becoming involved in more outreach events and volunteer opportunities that serve the area.In addition to the food pantry, Red Door also provides a free community meal the last Sunday of each month at 4:30 p.m. The meal is home-cooked by a team of volunteers who give their time and energy to bring the community together.

Downtown Partnerships Feeding Our Community!
Downtown Partnerships Feeding Our Community!

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