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#InternationalWomensDay: Kelly Green
#InternationalWomensDay: Kelly Green

This is an ongoing blog series to celebrate International Women’s Day! Each day this week, we will be highlighting a female business owner in #DowntownCG, hearing their stories and advice, and what it means to them to have a day set aside to recognize women around the globe. The questions asked are mostly the same, but the answers are as unique as the ladies themselves, so be sure to come back each day to gain even more wisdom from the women of Downtown.


Kelly Green is the owner and founder of KLG Engineering located on the fourth floor of the Marquette Tower. Let’s see what she has to say about being a business owner!

What is your favorite part about owning a business?

I would say the flexibility. I can manage my household and my business the way I need to. But also, it’s empowering! You know, I get to set my own schedule, be my own boss, and choose which clients I work with. It’s very empowering and fulfilling.

Who would you say was your biggest influence?

My dad. He was an engineer as well, and he always made certain to say, “You can succeed in this field as a female.” Because it is a male-oriented field, and I’m considered a minority. He knew my passions were math and science and solving problems as well as giving back to the community the way a civil engineer can. He wanted to be sure I understood that my sex would not be a deterrent for me in this field.

What keeps you motivated?

My business does. Never have I woken up thinking to myself, “I don’t want to go to work today,” like I had before I was my own boss. The success of my business is based on what I put into it, and that alone is a motivator. I want my business to succeed, so I put everything I can into it.

What do you think is a woman’s greatest superpower?

Multitasking! We can multitask like no other! Between our households, our children, their schedules, our schedules, businesses, or work – whatever role we’re in, women are the rulers of multitasking.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

I think it’s amazing! For me in particular, being a woman in a male-dominated industry, I’ve definitely had my challenges and have come across some issues. The more we grow and succeed, the better presence we have and the more we can make a difference in the younger generations. I look back at all the women who fought for us so that we could have a right to vote. We keep getting further and further along in making greater advances, and it’s very exciting to see.


Check back tomorrow to learn about another incredible female business owner!

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