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Keeping Cool Has Never Been This Delicious
Keeping Cool Has Never Been This Delicious

Finding a place for student involvement that can tie itself directly to the community is like finding a Cubs fan in St. Louis; not likely, and always a big deal. At the Cape Riverfront Market, however, we have found our own delightfully surprising mix of a student-to-community involvement all thanks to the Cape Riverfront Market’s bi-monthly vender, Catapult Creative House (Catapult). Attending the market nearly every other week this summer, Catapult will be cooling down all of the market guests with their special Mexican Paletas desserts. Much like ice pops, these all natural, fruity, frozen treats have been a hit this season. With strawberry, lime, lemon, blackberry, and even chocolate, the flavors roll in as the community fills the streets and market, all hoping to find something full of whimsy. Catapult’s lovely operations manager, Leah Powers, even versed me on how to make the delicious dessert, which is made specially for the Cape Riverfront Market! Leah even filled me in on a juicy secret; their mouth-watering sweets are quite a simple recipe. According to Leah, “you take fresh fruit, boil it down into a simple syrup and freeze them,” then voilà—you have a refreshing summertime goody that is worth melting for.

If Catapult’s paletas don’t pull you in, maybe their students will. As a member of the Southeast Missouri State University family, Catapult has real hospitality students making everything, just as one would see in their Broadway location.  The students use the Cape Riverfront Market to connect with the community and gain real world business experience at the same time. I got a chance to ask Leah why they chose the Cape Riverfront Market and decided to get involved and support the local venders, and she said “The University is a very big business, but with Catapult, we’re all about the small businesses.” Seeing what SEMO students get to contribute through the Cape Riverfront Market is inspiring, but throw in Catapult’s tasty paletas, teas, lemonade, and cold brew Kaldis coffee, and you have one perfectly delightful stop on your way through the market!

Find out when Catapult will be at the Cape Riverfront Market by stopping in their store location at 612 Broadway, or by visiting the Cape Riverfront Market Facebook page: Cape Riverfront Market

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