Main Street Program

As a Main Street America (TM) Accredited Program, Old town Cape, Inc. is a recognized leading program among the national network of more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities who share both a commitment to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.  All Main Street America (TM) Accredited programs must meet a set of National Accreditation Standards of Performance as outlined by the National Main Street Center. 


Each state has an accreditation center that provides resources to accredited Main Street Programs. Please visit Missouri's Main Street Connection for information on our state program.

The Four Point Approach

As an accredited Main Street Program, we follow a proven approach to downtown revitalization known as The Main Street Four Point Approach. We have committees of volunteers dedicated to each of the following four areas of revitalization.


Promotion Design Economic VitalityOrganization



Promotion Mission 

The Promotion Committee positions the downtown district as the center of the community and hub of economic activity, while creating a positive image that showcases a community’s unique characteristics.














Committee Roster: Randi Dirnberger (Committee Chair), Jordyn Ruble, Emily Vines, Kyleigh Baliva, Stacy Dohogne-Lane, Kevin Schaper, Jessica Sexton, Donna Denson, Taylor Laws, Kate Velishek, Sherry Jennings. Roseanna Withlow-Greenwood.



Design Mission

The Design Committee supports the community’s transformation by enhancing the physical and visual assets that set the commercial district apart.












Committee Roster: Sarah LaVenture, Annie Criddle, Pam Davidson, Don Greenwood, Bonnie Kipper, Todd Richbourg.


little boy getting candy at shop

Economic Vitality Mission

The Economic Vitality Committee focuses on capital, incentives, and other economic and financial tools to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development, and works to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that drive local economies.















Committee Roster: Brandi Holder (Committee Chair), Marla Mills, Gary Howard, Alex McElroy, Spencer Goodman, Emily Hoehne, Jeff Brune, Blake Lingle, Bridgett Kielhofner, Jakob Pallesen.


Organization Committee banner

Organization Mission

The Organization Committee involves creating a strong foundation for a sustainable revitalization effort, including cultivating partnerships, community involvement, and resources for the district.

Committee Roster: Kody Thompson (Committee Chair), Marla Mills, Jordyn Ruble, Emily Vines, Sarah LaVenture, Cory Daniel, Matthew Henson, Tom Higgins, Sarah Keys, Matt McDonald, Tasha Schusler, John Wolpers.