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The Cape Riverfront Market: SEMO Student Edition
The Cape Riverfront Market: SEMO Student Edition

If you’ve ever come home from a long day of work and class to find that your fridge (or mini fridge) only consists of frozen hot pockets, boxed wine, and stale bread—you may be wondering why you do this to yourself. From there, you accept the stale bread as your dinner and miserably nibble on it as you watch your selected Netflix binge for the night. But what if you didn’t have to settle for stale? Youth of Cape do I have some tea to spill for you—food can taste good, it can be fresh, and it can even be “affordable.”


You no longer have to make your bi-weekly trip to Walmart to get an assortment of frozen meals and a “healthy” bag of lettuce, which will inevitably die a slimy death in your fridge.  Start making some brunch plans because the Cape Riverfront Market has treats for you, and the market is available every Saturday right here in downtown Cape! You can get fresh squeezed lemonade, huge donuts, order a giant piece of meat that’s cooked right in front of you, and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for your week, only at the Cape Riverfront Market. 


Now, if I can’t sell how great that Cape Riverfront market is, I thought maybe some others would. I chatted with a few Southeast students who were spotted at the market. Take a look at what they have to say and check out the selfies they got with some of our favorite vendors! 

Market Profiles

Stephanie Hughes: 23 and Senior at SEMO. 

Favorite Vendor: Grandma’s Old Fashioned Donut Truck

What something everyone should try at the market? 

“This is my first time and I honestly really love the donuts, they’re the first thing I went for!”

Why she visited?

“I wanted to come for the fresh made food, and because I wanted to get fresh vegetables too.”  

What is in her selfie?

An aloe vera plant from seasonal Cape Riverfront Market  vendor, Glass Gardens by Stacey. This vendor has gorgeous plant potters, terrariums, and plenty of prickly plants to choose from!

Aaron Randeya25, super-senior at SEMO, and avid market visitor 

Favorite Vendor: The German Cook

What draws him in?

“I really like the fresh lemonade stand and then there is a vendor who makes lip balm from beeswax—which I have gotten like four times now!”

Why he visits?

“Everything here is pretty ‘affordable’ as they say, and the environment here at the market is beautiful.” 

Who is in his selfie?

The German Cook, and his “not the German Cook” sidekick, Jefferson.  Aaron raved about the new pork burger now being served up hot only at the market!

Meghan Becker: 23 and Senior at SEMO.  

Favorite Vendor: Granny’s Goat Milk Products

Her top pick for purchase?

“Soap, there is this vendor who sells this goat’s milk soap, and I absolutely love it, it’s really great!” 

Why she loves the market?

“Everything here is made locally and I’m huge on trying to support local businesses, and this market is the easiest way to do it.”   

Who is in her selfie?

Brandi with Granny’s Goat Milk Products.  Meghan can vouch that between her goats’ milk soap bars or one of her other handmade products, you can’t go wrong with this vendor!

Whether it’s eating a donut the size of your face, trying on spoon rings, or tasting salsa hot enough to melt your taste buds, the Cape Riverfront Market is a sweet spot in downtown Cape that just can’t be beat. So, if you’re looking for a nice place for brunch this semester, or a place that you can restock your veggies for the week, take their word for it—and mine, come visit the Cape Riverfront Market! 

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