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20 Ideas to Get You Started on Your #DowntownCG Blog

People love blogs and people love downtown, so why not give the people what they want by becoming a volunteer blogger for Old Town Cape?? Your stories are the ones we ALL want to hear, so if you have something you want to share about your experience in the community, at an event, down by the Mighty Mississippi, or just something you love about #DowntownCG, write it up, take some pics, then send it over to me at jordynruble@oldtowncape.org. We’ll read it, review it, then post it onto our website and social media for everyone to see! Whether you love to write or just love to share your thoughts about something great happening downtown, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Keep reading below to find some blog-worthy inspiration, then check out our handy-dandy guide to writing your first blog for Downtown Cape!

20 Great Blog Ideas

  1. Cheap and creative downtown date ideas
  2. Holiday/special occasion gift ideas
  3. Student discounts you can find downtown
  4. #TransformationTuesday
  5. Your favorite historic buildings
  6. Photos and stories of the scenery downtown (trees, buildings, murals, sculptures…)
  7. Shout-outs and spotlights (people, businesses…)
  8. Kid-Friendly places in downtown
  9. Living options/places to stay downtown
  10. River Campus events and activities
  11. Fitness/wellness in downtown (yoga outlets, dining options…)
  12. Best place to find ___ downtown (your favorite place for pizza, coffee, sweets…)
  13. “A Day Downtown”
  14. Your favorite events (Cape Riverfront Market, Tunes at Twilight, Parade of Lights, etc.)
  15. Spending the holidays downtown
  16. Staycation/weekend plans
  17. Recipes from downtown chefs/foods bought downtown
  18. Charitable work and events downtown
  19. Favorite things about downtown
  20. Looking back/how downtown has changed (review the previous month, season, year…)
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