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A Unique Floral Experience at Muriel's Garden
A Unique Floral Experience at Muriel’s Garden
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Entering Muriel’s Garden for the first time I was delighted to find shabby chic vases, cozy decor and beautiful flowers. I was greeted by a friendly, soft spoken lady who turned out to be the owner and was not named Muriel as I had guessed. Her name is Sally Suchman, and she named the floral shop after her mother who had a huge passion for flowers and gardening.

I love fresh flowers. They bring me happiness, and you can almost always find them in my home. A friend of mine told me that Muriel’s Garden sold flowers by the stem, so I stopped in to check out the selection and pricing.

I found the flowers are beyond affordable. Think cents per stem! And as I looked around I saw a sign that said, “Pick a Vase, Pick Your Flowers.” Sally explained that she has always enjoyed making one of a kind arrangements. She has an ever changing, wide variety of vases for customers to choose from on shelves and tables throughout the store. Most of the vases are vintage finds from auctions and estate sales; and they range in price from $1-$30. I picked out a dainty, white porcelain vase patterned with lovely blue details for $1 and started to look for some flowers. Sally helped me pick out flowers for my vase and then she put the arrangement together at her workstation. She threw in some greenery for free, and the entire thing rang up for under $8. I was sold, and said I’d be back for more.

As days past, I saw others supporting the new shop. Annie Laurie’s Antiques had a display of vases, mason jars, and glasses that encouraged shoppers to purchase a vase and head to Muriel’s Garden, and friends posted about Muriel’s on their Facebook pages. After about 2 weeks my first flowers had retired. I was in Brick Street Antiques and spotted a beautiful glass milk vase for $8. I bought the vase and walked the short distance to Muriel’s Garden. Sally suggested the blush carnations and began making my arrangement. I asked her about a few glorious green flowers in her refrigerator, and she told me they were Bells of Ireland. They were a structured flower that stood proud. She threw one into my arrangement for free along with some some ribbon that added a lovely country feel. My flowers were under $5, and again I was happy as a bird.

On another trip, I met Sally’s daughter Casey. She was just as friendly as Sally and told me that the shop has brought her mom so much joy. They both talked about how people come in and share their memories of growing up with flowers and how they’ve created an ambiance in the flower shop that feels like home.

My favorite part of Muriel’s Garden is that there are so many options. You can simply buy flowers by the stem and take them home, or pick out a vase and ask Sally to help you with an arrangement, or select a pre-made arrangement (expect flowers in dessert dishes, bowls and mason jars). Bring in your own vase from an antique adventure downtown or even order custom arrangements ahead of time. No matter your route you will always get an arrangement with an extra dose of TLC and a full serving of creativity. Enjoy!

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