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April in Downtown Cape

In this blog entry, I wanted to show how Downtown Cape Girardeau has so many different things to offer. At first, I didn’t know where to start but then my good friend Julia from Old Town Cape gave me some blog inspiration and sent me a list of things that claim April as their month. I decided to narrow it down to 10 things, so follow me on this journey as I show you how to “do” Downtown Cape and do it right!


The first stop for “Pets are Wonderful Month” is Mississippi Mutts. Here you can find anything you need for your wonderful furry four-legged friends (or hairless four-legged friend in my case). They cater to all your pet needs; food, treats, homemade cookies and cakes, supplements, toys, and doggy baths. If there is anything they don’t carry they are more than willing to order it for you. I love taking my sphynx, Spock, in to say hello, grab his favorite venison food and a bag of freeze-dried salmon treats. Every once in a while I’ll even grab a homemade treat for my fiancé’s police K9 (shhh, don’t tell anyone! Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag).

Now we move on to Shivelbine’s for “International Guitar Month.” Shivelbine’s is pretty nostalgic for a lot of us if you grew up in Cape. They have been serving the music industry for over 60 years. You either know them from driving past and seeing the beautiful painting on the side of their building, seeing the huge “Shivelbine” sign out front, or maybe it’s where got your first flute or taken guitar lessons! They can help you with anything music-related. Once you leave here with your brand new, or new to you guitar, don’t forget to go busking down at the river.

The next stop for “National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month” is The Corner Grocery Store. To me, this store is a downtown staple. If you have never been, you are absolutely missing out. When I was younger, my grandpa would take me here to grab a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches. One of my favorite grilled cheese memories was the time I asked my grandpa why they didn’t make “boy” cheese sandwiches. I thought it was unfair because they made “girl” cheese sandwiches. That was the day I found out they were called “grilled” cheese. Recently I have fallen in love with their pizza grilled cheese. *chef’s kiss*. Same classic grilled cheese sandwich but they have added a pizza sauce and pepperoni. And it doesn’t feel right not bringing up their amazing chocolates, treats, and Fried Chicken Fridays! Hands down best-fried chicken in Cape Girardeau.

Continuing on our journey through downtown for “Couple Appreciation Month.” I love this one because you can stop by so many different places for date night. Want to paint a new front door sign for your home, Board and Brush is where you’ll go. How about a cooking class? Sign up at Gabriel’s to make authentic Italian dishes and have a fancy cocktail while you’re there. Mixologist Steven has you covered in the drinks department. He will even pull out the Absinthe fountain for a fun ritual dating back to the 1800s. Maybe you need a relaxing night to decompress after a long week. Head to Port Cape’s ice cream window to grab a cool treat for a walk next to the Mississippi River.

For this stop, we are going to run by the room. Hair Design Studio. “International Customer Loyalty Month” is near and dear to my heart so it only made sense to stop by my own small business located on Broadway. At the room. we always want to appreciate our customers in any way we can! Let’s start when you walk in; you get offered water, coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate. Once you’re in the salon chair you get to just relax and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of a busy day. The team will pamper you at the shampoo bowl with warm blankets, warm steam towels for your head, and hand and arm massages while you get to close your eyes and pretend you’re in Fiji. Another way to appreciate customer loyalty is with Room Rewards points. For every dollar spend you get to use them towards anything in the salon. Loyalty means the world to us, stick around long enough and you may get “Guest of the Year.”

We get to stay outside for this next stop. For “Books to Brighten Young Minds Month” we are going to the book exchange box at “One City” and “Peace Park.” These little boxes promote neighborhood book exchanging and are full of books free to anyone! Take a book, leave a book. Think of them as free mini-libraries on a post! If you have any old books laying around feel free to drop them off.

Looks like for the next couple we will be outside again. Good thing it’s getting warm again! “Keep America Beautiful Month” can be seen being executed by your downtown residents. On any given day you can see people on their daily stroll picking up unwanted papers and objects that they see laying around. Old Town Cape also does an amazing job at keeping our downtown beautiful by having a team of volunteers and committee members that put their focus on preserving, promoting, and revitalizing our downtown area. Recently they were able to put lighting on our “Mississippi River Tales Mural” to help with safety and the visibility of the gorgeous artwork.

For “National Humor Month” you don’t need to go anywhere, you have me. I’ll provide you with top-notch dad jokes. Okay, that was a joke within itself and I’ll skip this one to keep from embarrassing myself.

On to “Lawn and Garden Month.” For this one let’s hop on over to SEMO’s River campus. Here you’ll find a beautiful lawn to sit and relax. Imagine having a picnic with friends or family under a shady tree with the view of the Mighty Mississippi and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge. Bring a football to play catch and that sounds like a perfect evening to me.

Last but not least we NEED to stop at Spanish Street Farmacy for “National Smile Month” because there is no way you could go here and not leave with a smile. When you walk in you feel like you’re in the past at your local 1950s pharmacy with a wall of jars behind the counter, homemade root beer, and beautiful tin ceilings. Everything they provide is locally grown and environmentally friendly from groceries and ingredients to fresh loaves of bread and teas. They even use metal straws and recycled to-go cups. Some of my favorite must-haves are the Blue Spice tea, biscuits and gravy, matcha chip ice cream, and homemade root beer. Be careful going in this place, it could turn into your new favorite spot for brunch and lunch!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I spend my time in Downtown Cape Girardeau and all the things it has to offer. Make your own downtown memories you’ll cherish forever while supporting your local community.

This is a guest blog written by Kanaan Rhodes, owner of the room. Hair Design Studio in Downtown Cape.

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