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Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape
Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape

As we all know, Spring has finally arrived in Cape Girardeau. While some days may be beautiful and warm, the weather in Missouri can change to rainy or gloomy in the blink of an eye. If you are feeling ill with cabin fever and need to get out and about like me, then Escape Cape is a great option for those days that are not so picture perfect.

So what is Escape Cape?

Escape Cape is relatively new business to Downtown Cape (only 3 years old) and tends to fly under the radar. However, this business is unlike anything else in the area; it’s an Escape Room company. The idea of an Escape Room may seem confusing or intimidating, but Kylie Sexton, the owner of Escape Cape, reassures that individuals only need the ability to read and “be open to a good time” to participate. Kylie explained that when groups (2-20 people) visit her business, her first step is to explain why they are “trapped” in their chosen room and that their goal is to escape within a certain amount of time. Next, the escapers are locked in their room and must find clues and solve puzzles in order to advance to other puzzles or rooms. The ultimate goal is for escapers to decipher their way out as fast as possible or before the 60-minute time limit. It’s like exercise for your brain! There is even a leader board for the fastest escaper groups from each room to showcase the heavy-weight brain teaser champions.


Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape
Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape

Room Themes

Currently, the Cloo: A Murder Mystery challenge is one of Kylie’s favorites. This room combines Escape Room puzzles while still requiring escapers to solve the classic Clue questions of “Who committed the murder?,” “What was the weapon?,” and “In which room did it happen?” Each room theme is unique and can include puzzles in the areas of trivia, math, out-of-the-box thinking, and physical and visual clues.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new superhero-themed room coming soon. This room will feature challenges of diffusing bombs, completing a laser maze, and a Dark Room in which escapers must solve a puzzle blindly. Stay up to date by liking the Escape Cape Facebook page or checking out their website at http://escapecapenow.com/about-us/.

Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape
Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape


Kylie was inspired to open an Escape Room when fate led her to help with a mural painting project for an escape room in Springfield, Missouri. She loved the concept so much that she decided to return home to Cape Girardeau and open her own. Kylie plans, creates, and builds all of her own rooms and changes themes every 6 months, which is much faster than most other escape room businesses.

Why should I go to Escape Cape?

Escape Cape has become a popular destination for family get-togethers. When all of your family is in town for Easter (and especially if you don’t all get along), try out the Escape Rooms where you all will have to learn to work together. It’s sure to make an enjoyable and exciting family gathering! The Escape Rooms are also a good choice for businesses or coworkers wanting to do some team-building (that people will actually enjoy). Escape Cape also offers a space set aside as a conference or meeting room.

Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape
Hidden Gems of #DowntownCG: Escape Cape

When should I go to Escape Cape?

Sunday-Thursday: open only for reservations or special holidays
Friday & Saturday: walk-ins welcome or reservations

*Reservations are preferred. You can call and make your reservation at (573) 803-4002.
**During the week, SEMO students can get $5 off their ticket with a student ID.
***A special group rate can be utilized by large groups. Follow Escape Cape on Facebook to be updated on special promotions or coupons!

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