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Curiousity awaits you at Annie Laurie's Antiques
Curiousity awaits you at Annie Laurie’s Antiques
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This post is written by guest blogger, Kelsey Stratton, Intern at Old Town Cape.

I’m from St. Louis. When I need something to wear, I go to the mall. If I need something for the kitchen, Home Goods or The Container Store is sure to have it. You can see where this is going…I’m a generic shopper. But these purchases always feel a bit empty, like some vital component is missing – a story, perhaps:

As you walk up Broadway, the iconic and well dressed Zsa Zsa and her surrounding goodies are outside to greet customers with just a preview of what you can find inside Annie Laurie’s Antiques. Walking in, you can feel owner Laurie Everett’s inspiration from art deco of the 1920’s, the retro 1960’s, and the bohemian 1970’s reverberating through the walls. From the purses and clothing to the kitchen goods, furniture, decorations, lamps, glassware, and jewelry, you can find just about anything at Annie Laurie’s Antiques– except from this decade. According to their website “this is not your grandmother’s vintage clothing store.” And that is absolutely true. Everything in the store holds a funky and eclectic vibe that makes you want to search for more. I felt like no stone could be unturned, and I had to see and experience everything the shop had to offer. My only wish is to know the story behind every item:  when/where it came from, the things it had seen, the places it had been. But the unknown is where the mystique lies.

Leaving the shop was unlike any emotional experience I’ve had while shopping. Annie Laurie’s Antiques made me yearn for more out of life – to explore and see, do, and learn more. I was inspired to live differently and to always find the story out of life.

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