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Dogs of Downtown Cape

*This blog is written by Promotions Committee member, Heaven Miller.*

Of all the fun activities to do and businesses to see downtown, a truly priceless hobby of mine is to see, pet, and “aww”  at the furry friends enjoying our shared space (at least the ones not on dog duty, that is)!

As an employee working in a small business downtown, I have had the privilege of meeting some… regulars, per se. And if you happen among these perfect pooches during your downtown adventure, be sure to say hello as I will introduce you right here, right now.

Up above, we have Chester, the 2.5-year-old Golden-Doodle with tons of spunk and character as expected from this “spring chicken” of a pup. You can see Chester walking up and down Broadway Street with his owner, Lee, on the daily, or catch them at the Cape Riverfront Market on Saturday mornings on Spanish Street. Chester loves his adventures downtown and regularly stops into his favorite businesses for treats and pets.

Next, please meet this sweet soul of a dog, Lola. Lola here is a 5-year-old French Bulldog adopted by Corky. Lola is patient, kind, and values affection and back-scratches above all things EXCEPT maybe her hedgehog toy she has at home. She’s peacefully mild and her content nature is calming to all who pet her. You can also find Lola strolling about downtown at the Riverfront Market or on Main Street and Broadway.

These two are just a few of the many wonderful dogs that you might have the privilege of seeing during your adventures in the area. If you do see them, please stop, say hello, and add yourself to the fanbase of these ‘Dogs of Downtown.’

Happy Walking!

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