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Downtown Is Worth Your Dollars...and Your Time
Downtown Is Worth Your Dollars…and Your Time
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This post is written by guest blogger, Janey Radford, Old Town Cape Development & Resources Coordinator.

Until last year, I considered myself a big supporter of Old Town Cape. I mean, after all, I went to their events. I followed them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I shared their posts, and whenever I ran into staff, I always told them what a good job they were doing. Sound familiar?

Last January, I accepted the position as Development and Resources Coordinator for OTC. In a Main Street world, the two biggest resources are funding and volunteers. Managing these resources take up the better part of most days for me.

While receiving my OTC “education,” a new image of “supporting” Old Town Cape began to emerge. I learned how an office staff of two with a couple of student workers managed to pull off so many events successfully every year. They have A LOT of volunteers! From the Board of Directors, the 4 point committees, and event subcommittees, there are over 100 volunteers that carry out the work of downtown revitalization. Almost 60 of those volunteers are involved year round. THAT is how we get things done!

I am not a stranger to the not for profit world, and am used to maximizing resources, leveraging, and always trying to get the most bang for our buck. Even so, I was impressed with what Old Town Cape has accomplished with its limited resources. Many individuals, organizations and businesses invest already, but with almost 4,500 residents and over 300 businesses in downtown alone, there is potential for so much more.

Dedication, hard work, and A LOT of volunteers can only take us so far. Funding is necessary for any not for profit organization. Oh. You didn’t know we were a non profit? Those aforementioned resources? VITAL. Making the magic that is downtown takes dollars. And the magic is important. “Downtown is the most visible indicator of community pride” – Missouri Main Street.

Knowing what you know now, do you consider yourself a supporter of Old Town Cape? Want to know what to do about it? Click. Invest. Today. Or call me – it’s my job :).

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