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Fun with friends on a Friday
Fun with friends on a Friday
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This post is written by guest blogger, Lydia Ness, Student Worker at Old Town Cape.

A few weeks ago some of my friends and I made the decision to spend our Friday night checking out Tunes at Twilight. So, after work we packed our lawn chairs, picnic basket full of cheese and fruit, and a bottle of wine and headed down to the Common Pleas Courthouse Gazebo in downtown Cape.

We arrived around 6:45 and I was immediately blown away – people of all ages, including couples, families and friends filled the lawn surrounding the gazebo. It was clear to me that this event was loved by many and it was sure to be a great night! We scoped out a spot near a large shade tree, planted our chairs and got ready for Coles Whalen, a Tunes at Twilight regular, to take the stage. Whalen is from Denver, CO and has toured all over the country with big names such Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and Kellie Pickler. A few minutes later she took the stage and I immediately fell in love.

My friends and I cracked open the wine and got out the snacks and settled in for a nice, relaxing evening. As I sat there, I thought to myself that this very moment is the reason I love downtown. The weather and atmosphere was perfect, the crowd was fun, and Whalen was just as good as I expected her to be.

I also couldn’t help but to think of how perfect of an example of Placemaking this is. Old Town Cape has been really strategic in creating and designing places downtown for people to go and has transformed the area into a destination. Tunes at Twilight is a creative event that invites and encourages people to enjoy all that downtown Cape has to offer. I learned that many people visit the downtown shops and restaurants before or after the event and we did just that once the concert was over. We took the short walk to Broadway Biergarten to grab some dinner and drinks before ending the night.

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a Friday night that was as relaxing as this one was. I was fortunate enough to spend it with great friends while enjoying excellent music. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Tunes at Twilight, I highly encourage you to do so! Wil Maring is the performer scheduled for tonight, but there are two more spring concerts after this one and the fall season will begin on August 15. For more information about this event, click here.

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