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Gaming for the Generations
Gaming for the Generations
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This post is written by guest blogger, Steven Amrhein, Intern at Old Town Cape.

Over Easter weekend, I had the opportunity to take a trip to visit my grandfather. While going through some of his older things with him, I found something of mine – my Nintendo 64. I hadn’t played this things in over ten years! This was the gaming system of my generation, which after my childhood I gave to my grandfather for all of my younger cousins to play with when they visited…but I remembered having a lot more games to play on it. Isn’t it funny how things seem to magically disappear over time?

Like some of my favorite video game heroes, I was on a quest. I packed up the Nintendo and headed back to Cape Girardeau. Big retailers didn’t carry what I wanted; only offering new games. I was about to give up hope, but as I was driving to work the other day I noticed a new business on Broadway – Gaming Grounds. I’d been to their Jackson location once, but had no idea that they opened a second location. Owner Shannon, a fellow video game lover, wanted to tap into the college life and chose downtown for the new location because of the lively atmosphere, good shops and lots of things to do. Once I learned that they cater all gamers from Atari to Xbox One, I knew I was in the right place.

Gaming Grounds offers a variety of services for someone looking to buy new games, trade in old ones, or just talk about future or past releases. One of the things that I enjoyed most about the store was being able to hook up my 64 to one of their flat screen TV’s and test play some of the games. Since they have TV’s for every system, you can play before you purchase or pay to play with full online access – how cool! They also host tournaments including Super Smash Bros, Halo, etc. but Shannon hopes to expand their services and start including more PC services and host tournaments bi-weekly in the near future.

Gaming Grounds prides themselves in having a great stock selection. I was amazed at how many Nintendo 64 games they had, all from trading in. And the best part? There was no pressure. I was able to casually browse and swap stories in a fun atmosphere. I also decided that I just couldn’t live without purchasing a classic – Super Mario Bros – for my 64. I promised them that I would return in the future and purchase even more “new, old” games. If you’re a video game junkie like myself, I encourage you to add them on Facebook to keep up with the new products, tournaments, etc.

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