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Hidden Gems: The Corner Store

*This is a guest blog written by Historic Preservation student, Makenna Holloway.*


I recently made my first venture into The Corner Store, and it was so much more than I expected! Along with having snacks and different items that you would find at a grocery store they also have a full menu of food and homemade candies. Although I did not have time to try any of Robert and Mary’s food, I was lucky enough to catch the end of a conversation between Robert and a customer talking about how she just had to come back for the chicken and dumplings.


Robert and Mary

Robert and Mary have been operating The Corner Store located at 439 Broadway for 15 years as of 2020. In that time, they have built a deep relationship with the Cape Girardeau community. You can find them on Facebook as “The Corner Grocery Store” and see how many people and businesses have supported and talked about Robert and Mary’s amazing little shop. They have five-star reviews across the board, and the comments that people leave are overwhelmingly positive. So many people talk about how sweet and kind Robert and Mary are and that the environment they have created is absolutely amazing!



As I mentioned, I wasn’t able to grab a bite while I was in, but their menu looked incredible if you are ever in the mood for some good old-fashioned homestyle food. They offer many sandwiches such as grilled cheeses, sloppy joes, BLTs, and fried bologna. They also have hotdogs and smoked sausage. Each Friday they offer fried chicken dinners and often have various specials throughout the week, including their famous chicken and dumplings. You can follow them on Facebook for the latest news on what you can find on the menu from day to day!

Their real pride and joy though is their candy. Their homemade chocolate menu includes: Kentucky Bourbon balls, giant turtles, peanut butter “de-lites,” peppermint patties, chocolate-covered bacon, chocolate pretzels, dark chocolate espresso beans, and more. Plus, they have a wide variety of fudge (up to 15 different types!). Hosting an event or party any time soon? Ask about their trays or grab a sampler for yourself to test out all they have to offer.


With Valentine’s Day being just around the bend, it’s a perfect time to stop into The Corner Store and get some sweets for the ones you love!

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