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It's a Dogs Life Downtown
It’s a Dogs Life Downtown
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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” -Josh Billings

Our 4-legged, furry friends are more than just loyal companions; they’re members of our family. They love us unconditionally, and only want the same in return. So the next time you’re headed out for a stroll, need to replenish your stock of puppy supplies or want to pick up a quick bite for lunch, consider heading downtown and bringing Fido along.

Did you know downtown Cape Girardeau is home to a gourmet dog boutique?  Mississippi Mutts is a friendly shop on Broadway that provides a place for you to take your dog to enjoy some well-deserved social interaction, to pick up a few toys and some new treats from their delicious bakery, while stocking up on his or her everyday supplies. If you and your dog can use a little help with obedience training, sign up to take part in their training classes.

Sherry Jennings, owner of Mississippi Mutts, says that people take their dogs to downtown

Cape more than any other area. She calls our area ‘unique’ because you can take your dog for a walk, or you can take them to get wine or lunch with you. A variety of places downtown are available to explore with your dog.

“More and more places are becoming pet friendly,” added Jennings. She believes the growing dog friendly atmosphere makes downtown a more relaxing place, even for those who do not own dogs. Some of the downtown locals even bring their dogs to work.

“It’s proven, when you take your dog to work it lowers stress and increases productivity,” Sherry noted. She definitely should know. Have you seen her dog Murphy out-and-about downtown recently? He has become a downtown

fixture with enough love to for everyone. Dog-friendly work places are becoming more and more popular in our area.

One example is Wynn from Cape Paint and Glass. He brings Harley, his golden retriever, to work every day. You’ll see them soaking up some fresh air and getting in some exercise around downtown almost every day during the lunch hour. If you stop in the shop, Harley is one of the first to say hello and welcome you in. ‘Harley has become our official greeter here at the office,’ commented Beverly, the office secretary. ‘He’s definitely

brought some life and excitement to the business.’

Another famous downtown dog is Santino. If you haven’t seen Santino working in Sloan + Themis during the day with his owner Claire, you may have seen him wandering around many of our downtown Cape Girardeau shops.

‘People go nuts over him,’ Claire exclaimed! ‘He runs all types of errands downtown and he loves to get positive attention from everyone he comes in contact with.’ The girls at Mississippi Mutts will sometimes even keep him for a while after they are done grooming him to play.

Many downtown businesses have outdoor seating that helps make the area more dog-friendly. You can always see pups outside Cup ‘N’ Cork, Socials, Mediterranean on Broadway or Dynamite Coffee. What better way to relieve stress than a latte or a casual lunch with your best friend?

Another great downtown opportunity for dogs is the Cape Riverfront Market. During the warmer months this outdoor market plays host to local produce and craft vendors, musicians and an array of other specialized suppliers. Some vendors even have healthy dog treats for your furry family members. The casual, fun-for-everyone Market atmosphere is an excellent environment for these four-legged friends, so be sure to bring them along.

Downtown Cape Girardeau does provide a dog friendly environment and invites you to bring your dog to shop or eat downtown. But don’t forget your doggie bag!

This post was written by Hilary Auer, Old Town Cape Intern; Kevin Taylor, Development and Resources Coordinator at Old Town Cape; and Christa Zickfield, Project Manager at Old Town Cape.

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