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Marquette Tech District Setting New Pace Downtown
Marquette Tech District Setting New Pace Downtown
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The Marquette Tech District is taking the next big step in making Downtown Cape Girardeau a great place to live, work and play with a major renovation development project turning the Marquette Tower into tech-powered, modern office spaces for technology-based and innovative companies, and organizations that support them.

How so? The building is wired with gigabit internet that is powered by a new fiber optic network which delivers the fastest speed in the world. The fastest internet in the world right here in Downtown Cape Girardeau? Yup!

But it gets even better. This network will be extended to the Riverfront to provide free high-speed public Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi was unveiled during the Techfest event hosted at the Marquette Tower. As of now, the signal reaches parts of Broadway, Main and Spanish streets. However, the range is expected to expand by the end of August. Not only does this Wi-Fi benefit people visiting the Downtown area, but it grants businesses downtown access to drastically discounted high-speed internet service. We’re all about shopping small, and this service will immensely help the small businesses we love so much to succeed on even higher levels.

The Marquette Tech District is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the residents of Cape Girardeau and surrounding Southeast Missouri communities. (Hey, that sounds a lot like us!) Their mission is to educate, attract, and retain driven, talented youth and adults to help fill the huge tech talent gap (there’s an estimated one million programming jobs alone to be left unfilled by 2020).

So far, this foundation has proved to bring growth to our community. 28 startups have launched from the Codefi stable, which has generated nearly 100 jobs. Not only is the Marquette Tech District aiming to help professionals, but they also focus on youth education by hosting coding camps with plans to start youth coding leagues and after school educational programs. The aim is to keep local youth engaged in learning the skills necessary to pick up where today’s entrepreneurs leave off.

We love to see our community grow and see our residents become the best versions of themselves. The Marquette Tech District holds a huge part in helping Downtown Cape Girardeau flourish in all sectors of life.

Information sources: Southeast Missourian and Marquette Tech District website

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