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Meet Don Greenwood: Volunteer and Local Artist
Meet Don Greenwood: Volunteer and Local Artist
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The blog committee wants to share with you the stories of the volunteers that work behind the scenes of Old Town Cape. This series will allow you to get to know our volunteers, find out how they became involved, learn what their interests are, and discover their goals for both downtown and themselves.

Don Greenwood, a local artist, currently serves on the Board of Directors and Design Committee for Old Town Cape. He is a native of New Orleans, LA but currently resides in downtown Cape with his wife, Roseanna. Greenwood became involved with the organization many years ago and was even the President of the Downtown Merchants Association at one point before Old Town Cape was formed. He has always had a passion for downtown and, therefore, has been involved with organizations that relate to promoting and enhancing the area ever since.

As a committee member, he provides information on the history of downtown, an artist’s perspective, and knowledge about the murals – all of which are important to Old Town Cape. One of his goals for downtown Cape is to further promote the arts that are present. Thanks to his first cousin, he is very passionate about art and wants the community to know that there is a variety of talent locally.

Outside of his volunteer work for Old Town Cape, Greenwood is a man of man talents, including illustration, engraving, and performing as a musician. He has illustrated books such as, The Saving of Dogtown by James W. Riley Jr., The Loch Ness Adventure by Walter and Mary Hearnes, and Gordonville Grove by Jerry Ford. He has also created designs for national and international greeting card companies including, Hallmark Cards, American Greetings, Buzza Cardosa, and Charmcraft. Throughout his career he has created art for Walt Disney, Hughes Tool, President Reagan, Versace Fashion Design, Wedgewood China, Crane Paper, Crown Foil, and Murata Kimpaku. When he’s not working in the art field, you can find him kayaking on one of the many nearby rivers or lakes with a group of his closest friends.

Don credits his success and knowledge to his wife and family. Coming from a large family, he quickly learned how to communicate well and get along with most everyone. He has no words of advice to share, but instead believes that everyone learns something important from those that they surround themselves with.

You can check out some of his work by visiting the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri galleries, or by taking a stroll past one of the directional kiosks downtown. Like many, I bet you didn’t know that the little people and animals on these maps are courtesy of Mr. Greenwood!

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