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Meet Our Board: Blake Lingle

Old Town Cape, Inc. currently has a 16-member Board of Directors, and we believe it’s time you meet them! Get to know one of our newest members, Blake Lingle, below.

Tell me a bit about yourself (job, family, hobbies, etc.)
I am originally from Advance, MO, and am recently married. I have been in banking for the past 10+ years and currently work as a commercial lender with The Bank of Missouri.  My hobbies are anything sports-related and travel.

What is your current role on the OTC Board and how long have you served?
I am a new member of the board, and I also currently serve as the chair of Economic Vitality. I’ve worked with the organization for nearly 4 years.

Why did you choose to join the OTC Board?
Originally it was a great way to get plugged into what was happening in Cape and to volunteer, but it quickly became apparent that those who have advanced Cape Girardeau to where it is now would, in time, need help from another generation to pass some responsibility and carry the torch.

What special perspective/qualities do you believe you bring to the Board?
With my current role in banking and position with EV, I feel I bring a good perspective on business trends specifically in our community as its something I keep up with daily. Additionally, I currently reside downtown and walk the streets daily!

What do you love most about Downtown Cape?
My favorite thing about Downtown Cape is easily the accessibility of everything and how complimentary all our businesses and restaurants are to each other. There is nothing better than passing a new wave of people each and every day around every corner block, seeing people on the patios enjoying themselves, and all the events our downtown is able to house.

Where is your favorite place to go when you’re downtown?
Tough question, but without playing favorites, anywhere with food and cold refreshments.

What’s your favorite Old Town Cape event?
I know I am partial, but I loved our Economic Vitality-led “Downtown Vacant Property Tour” that we recently had that allowed anyone to tour specific properties in hopes of finding a new spot for their business, especially since the efforts resulted in success! Outside of that, it has to be Tunes. It’s so great to hear the music and see everyone gather and experience our downtown!

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One response to “Meet Our Board: Blake Lingle”

  1. Blake is a great guy. I’ve known him since my son and him started kindergarten. He’s a wonderful person. He’s caring, smart and and will be a amazing addition to the Board. I live in Advance, but work in Cape. I spend most of my time in Cape. I love down town Cape and all that it has to offer. FYI, he has some great parents too😉
    Congrats Blake!

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