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Meet Our Board: Chris Conroy

Old Town Cape, Inc. currently has a 15-member Board of Directors, and we believe it’s time you meet them! Get to know Chris Conroy below.

Tell me a bit about yourself (job, family, hobbies, etc.)

My adopted hometown of Cape Girardeau and my original hometown of Fort Walton Beach, FL have much in common. Both are water towns. FWB is on the Gulf of Mexico and Cape Girardeau is on the mighty Mississippi. Both have great downtowns and people who are inclusive and love their city. In a 33-year career in broadcasting, the Conroy family lived a lot of places big and small.  My wife, Diana and I agree that Cape Girardeau is by far our favorite and we are making it our goal to eventually retire here.

What is your current role on the OTC Board and how long have you served?

I’m in my second year on the OTC board and I serve as a set of fresh eyes while giving total respect to the history of Downtown and the people who love it.

Why did you choose to join the OTC Board?

I’m honored to be a part of the intertwined 65+ year history of Downtown Cape Girardeau and KFVS12. I first visited Downtown Cape Girardeau in 2007 while visiting KFVS12 for a business trip. It was Christmas time and Downtown looked so beautiful that I told my wife, “It looks like a Norman Rockwell Painting.” Downtown Cape is a true American downtown. It has a distinct upbeat vibe that’s hard to ignore.

What special perspective/qualities do you believe you bring to the Board?

It’s hard not to be passionate about Downtown Cape when you spend time with the dedicated people on the board. They bring so many talents and history to the table. I bring a long career in marketing, advertising, and news to the board to help Downtown Cape succeed and grow.

What do you love most about Downtown Cape?

I love to show off Downtown Cape to my friends and family when they visit. My friends from Memphis want to see locations where “Gone Girl” was filmed. My wife’s family from New Orleans wants to eat at Broussard’s every time they come to town.  Port Cape reminds my Florida friends and family of the seaside restaurants on the Choctawhatchee Bay back home. The list goes on and on.

Where is your favorite place to go when you’re downtown?

Mississippi Mutts sees my wife and I often. They understand what personal relationships mean to business and outwardly appreciate when people shop local. They make sure to stock special food for our dogs who are aging and offer to deliver to make it easier. 

What’s your favorite Old Town Cape event?

My favorite event was the inaugural Downtown Christmas tree lighting in 2019. KFVS12 proudly carried the tree lighting live so that everyone in our 45-county footprint could see what Downtown Cape Girardeau means to the Heartland. My hope is that 100 years from now the tradition will continue along with generations of memories created along the way.

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