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Mothers plus Daughters plus Business equals Success
Mothers plus Daughters plus Business equals Success
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This post was contributed to by Claire Bruce, owner of Sloan + Themis.

The bond between a mother and her child is indescribable. But, what about the bond between mothers and daughters in business…together? In celebration of Mother’s Day, here’s what it’s like to share that indescribable bond in both life and business while working as a mom-daughter team in downtown Cape.

Pastimes Antiques – Deb Maevers and Kyleigh Baliva

“This whole store wouldn’t have been in my wildest dream. But, us working together? It’s been fun. I would enjoy working with her whether she was daughter or not,” says Deb , owner of Pastimes Antiques when asked about working with her daughter, Kyleigh.

Deb and Kyleigh have worked together on several ambitious projects. Not only does the mother-daughter team manage one of downtown’s largest antique stores, they’ve embarked on the Vintage Now Fashion Show. Vintage Now, started in 2009, is an annual fundraiser that brings together their love of vintage fashion and helping women via the local safe house.

Both ladies bring their own energy and specialties to the business, which add to their favorite parts of working with one another. “We can be silly together and make fun things,” says Kyleigh.

Kyleigh said they can be put into any situation and are able to know what the other is thinking. In the business of vintage and antique wares, one never knows exactly what may come through the door. The pair prepares well together to handle anything and everything as a team, right down to reading each other’s minds according to Deb. “I do some things before I know she wants me to do it,” said Kyleigh.

Deb and Kyleigh’s relationship has grown even closer having worked together since 2003. Deb’s extensive work with interior design has been passed down to Kyleigh over the last several years. “I used to do all the windows, and now mostly she does them all. She’s become a great window display artist,” said Deb.

Time spent together working at Pastimes is invaluable to both ladies. Catching up with one another is easier at the store, providing an opportunity that otherwise may not be as easy to come by. “She’s my best friend; I don’t know what I would do without her,” said Deb.

Stash – Jill and Emily Hoehne

In fall 2012, downtowners got some new neighbors when mother-daughter team Jill and Emily Hoehne opened Stash on Main Street. With a mix of brightly colored frocks and hip accessories, the boutique was an instant hit.

“It was always my dream to open a shop, and the stars aligned to make it happen,” said Emily. Emily has managed retail shops in the St. Louis area for several years before returning to the Cape Girardeau area to earn her degree. Around the time Emily graduated, Jill had the opportunity to retire, then both mother and daughter were able to start a new adventure together.

The Hoehnes found that taking turns was key in making it all work. They worked together designing and building the shop. From scouting out vintage accents, constructing displays, refinishing tables, and hanging and steaming clothes, mother and daughter shared tasks and business decisions. Today, they still distribute the workload 50/50 in the store. Emily is the planner and the buyer who travels several times a year to market in Los Angeles and Dallas. Outgoing Jill has found her strength in styling and helping find the perfect look. “I love meeting all the new people and learning their stores, what their likes and dislikes are,” said Jill.

Not only have the Hoehnes made a big impact on Cape’s fashion scene, downtown has made an impact on their family. If you have every shopped at Stash, you know it is truly a family business. In one of the dressing rooms hangs a photo of Jill’s mother, who provides shoppers with inspiration for grace and elegance. Emily also often brings her son to work. “I like that my son, Adrik, can see people working hard and succeeding. It teaches him the value of a dollar,” said Emily. Recently Adrik even raised money for his school by making bracelets and selling them at Stash. Business savvy definitely runs in the Hoehne family.

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