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#NationalBlackBusinessMonth: Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio

For Black Small Business Month, we wanted to highlight a few of our Black-owned businesses in #DowntownCG! Check out some of their stories below.

Please list your name & your business’s name.

My name is Micheal Crank Curry, and my business is Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio.

 What led you to start your business?

My business is about giving kids a spot dedicated to their passion. I teach them how to be themselves through their art and passion.

What kind of challenges have you faced (as a black business owner) & how have you overcome them?

I had some push back as far as numbers and support. I promote urban living, dance, hip hop, and black culture, and I filter it into a positive. To start out, we gave a lot of community service. One year we had 300 hours. We do projects, performances, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. The kids learn to have value in themselves. Dancers give all the time, but time is valuable and can’t just be free. We’re going through a transition from giving everything to entrepreneurship. I had a mentor to help start my business. They told me what to do and what not to do. I also had a hard time receiving my business license. Things were pushed back, held, and no one showed up for an inspection. This caused issues when I went to get ordinances for the big festival we put on. This festival attracts over 300 people to downtown; we have dance competitions and judges, yoga, laser tag, and music. We almost got shut down because of the issues with the ordinances. But I think this is worth fighting for. I think the arts are naturally urban and it brings opportunities to the youth. My kids even get to work hand to hand with DJs and professional videographers.

Who is the person that inspires you the most?

I do this for my kids and family—my Fingerprint fam: skaters, DJs, dancers. I fight for them. I wake up at 5:30 and start thinking about ways to promote my positive message.

How did you choose your location/why downtown?

I chose downtown because I wanted to be close to the community in Cape, and a lot of people come downtown for whatever reason they want to. As for the specific building, it has history and my favorite number is 7 (707 Broadway). When I saw the building was available, I wanted to see it. When I walked in, it just felt complete! I want to help Cape grow further for many, many years and increase its knowledge of the culture I’m trying to promote.

What makes your business unique?

I feel like I’m doing something that needed to be done—promote positivity where it’s needed. It’s hard to put into words, so I just tell people to come here and feel the energy. We always have so much going on. Even when we’re promoting one thing, we have five other things going on!

Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio

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