Stories, things to do, and one of a kind tips from downtown Cape Girardeau.
People of Downtown: Grace Richards
People of Downtown: Grace Richards

Tell us a little about yourself! Or how would you describe yourself?

Well, I am pretty tall. Like, unreasonably tall.  I love dogs, dolphins, and horses.  I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was a kid – although I couldn’t swim well.  So I instead I settled for event management.  I figured if I couldn’t tell dolphins what to do I could at least tell people what to do.

 What’s your idea of happiness?

A BIG FAT bowl of ice cream, hanging with dogs, and margs. And being happy and healthy and all that other stuff.

How are you connected to Downtown Cape Girardeau?

I moved to Cape 4 years ago to go to school at SEMO and now I intern at the BEST organization in town. AKA Old Town Cape.

What do you love about our community?

I love that it is “up and coming”, that there is quite a bit to do here!

What would you like to see added or improved downtown?

I would LOVE to see the old theaters brought back to life for concerts and such.  Oh, and if someone opened a cat café, I would like that too.

What’s your motto?

Well, it costs zero dollars to be nice.  So do with that what you will..

Besides Downtown Cape, where’s your favorite place to be?


What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

If I told you then everyone would know and it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

Please tell us your favorite downtown businesses (list 6-15 businesses below):



Brickwood, Baristas, Sugar Chic, The Corner Store, Minglewood,

Burrito-Ville, Bloom Studio & Gifts.

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