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Sit, Stay, and Play at Mississippi Mutts
Sit, Stay, and Play at Mississippi Mutts
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Three months ago, I gained a new family member. No it’s not a baby – this family member is furry and has four legs. Her name is Gertie and she is a nine month old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix that my mom rescued from the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri.

Like most puppies, Gertie is full of energy and always trying to play with something. After having her for about a month, my mom decided that it was time to do something. We had been working with her on learning to not jump on us, to sit and stay when told, to leave treats, etc. It seemed that she would listen sometimes, but acted like she had no idea what we were saying at other times.

I knew the perfect solution! Mississippi Mutts, a downtown bakery, bath, and boutique for dogs, had just started offering dog obedience classes a few months prior. Needless to say, my mom called and signed Gertie up right away.

The classes are taught by Becky Dunn, owner of Furry Kid Klubhouse in Desoto, MO. She offers two levels of classes, beginner and advanced, that cost $75 each and include six weeks of one hour training sessions. Over the course of six weeks, the dogs are taught general manners and obedience including how to sit and stay, leave it, come when called, and the proper way to greet a guest.

Gertie successfully completed three of the six classes, but unfortunately had to miss the rest of them because she decided to get into some mouse poisoning (that’s a whole other story – but don’t worry, she’s ok). My mom and I noticed a big difference in her behavior after attending the classes and have plans to take her back to attend the other three soon, so that she can learn more from Becky.

Although I didn’t have the chance to observe any classes that Gertie attended, I did have the opportunity last night to hang out with five other furry friends: Casey, Fergie, Rugar, Murphy and Roxy during a beginner class. The pictures below are proof themselves that the dogs had fun during the class and learned so much! It’s evident how passionate Becky is about the trainings because she really focuses on individual attention with the dogs. She even limits each class to 8 dogs so that she can have more one-on-one time with them.

The classes began back in August of last year and are normally held back to back every six weeks, except for the advanced classes which are held less often. For more information or to sign up your furry family member, contact Mississippi Mutts at (573)335-MUTT or Furry Kid Klubhouse at (314)808-6935. You can also visit Mississippi Mutts on Facebook and Twitter.

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