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The Many Murals of Downtown Cape

Growing up in one city all your life is bound to create a lack of awareness. Three years ago I started making lists in my phone of all the buildings or sculptures or businesses I had never noticed before. I even told myself once that I wanted to set foot into every building in Cape Girardeau, something I’ve realized I don’t want to do and definitely don’t have the time for. This list turned into a need to document the unseen or forgotten scenes of Cape.

I knew I wanted to find murals around Cape – there HAD to be more murals than the few that popped up on Google. So I played a bit of treasure hunt and drove around Cape to find these so they could get a little more attention. The pink and teal mural behind Zickfield’s especially catches my eye, it has to be a mural I’ve seen out of the corner of my eye a hundred times and never really noticed. It’s colorful and brings such a lively piece to an otherwise average parking lot.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that it pays off to look around every once in a while and look for things that you aren’t used to looking for. Maybe you’ll see something new and it’ll liven up your day or you’ll have a new spot to hang out or maybe every time you drive by that pink and teal mural it’ll make you smile.

This post was written by guest blogger, Anna Estes.

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